150wide_cropped2What do you think of when you hear the words “Accounting” and “Taxes”?

If it’s like most people’s response, it’s dread. All the paperwork, the organizing of receipts, calculating income and finding deductions.
All the tax laws and changes!
Who can you turn to for help?

My name is Chris Freeman and I know that accounting can be confusing, that tax laws are complicated and both are sometimes frightening. And sometimes, our QuickBooks files don’t seem to accurately portray our business activities!

That’s why, for over 32 years, I’ve helped individuals and businesses in the Everett, WA area with:

  • Individual Federal and State Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate Federal and State Income Tax Returns
  • State and Local Business Taxes
  • Tax Planning

Changes to tax laws, deductions, credits, and reporting are constantly changing. They can change within weeks of filing your taxes. The IRS is not on your side and the burden of proof is on you!

Wouldn’t you like someone local with years of experience on your side?

Call (425) 225-5732 or Contact Me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation from June 1 – December 31.